Choosing blinds for the home office

Considerations for office blinds

Blinds can be just as important in any home office as the desk or the office chair, particularly in terms of productivity and health. As a result, there are a number of things you should consider when choosing the blinds for the home office.

Why are the right blinds important for the home office?

Choosing the right blinds for any home office space is essential. Natural light can be important for health and wellbeing, providing a boost, particularly in the morning. However, as anyone who works long hours on a computer will tell you, too much natural light, at the wrong angle, can be detrimental to your productivity and health. Screen glare can cause migraines and headaches while also being incredibly distracting while you’re trying to work. As a result, choosing the right blinds for any home office space can have a big impact on productivity and focus, while also allowing the space to be bright and well lit too. So how can you make the right choice for home office blinds? And what are the considerations to bear in mind?

What are the important considerations when choosing blinds for the home office?

With the right blinds playing such an important role in your home office, it’s essential to make the right blind choices. The factors to consider include:

  • Lighting control and versatility
  • Colours, patterns and styles
  • Motorised blinds

Lighting control and versatility for home office blinds

As mentioned above, being able to control and limit the natural light in your home office space is an important factor. In terms of blind choices, this could involve:

  • Vertical or Venetian blinds- these are blinds that can be fully open, fully closed, or partially opened. They can also be tilted in different directions which allows the sunlight and glare to be directed in particular areas. For any home office space, this provides additional control of the natural light and can prevent glare related headaches and eye strains.
  • Day and Night Roller blinds- for home office spaces that also double as your bedroom, you might be more interested in night and day roller blinds. These are a type of blind that use two different pieces of opaque material that overlap, creating a blind that allows some light through, for soft lighting during the day, and darkness at night.

Colours, patterns and styles for home office blinds

The style of the blinds you choose is also an important consideration for any home office space. The blinds are as much a part of the decor as any other piece of furniture or interior design choice, and so it’s important that you choose a blind option that matches your interior design style. For modern home office spaces sleek and simple design is a good option that can complement your design theme, while for traditional design, vertical or patterned blinds can be a good fit.

Motorised blinds for home office blinds

Finally, another aspect you should consider for your home office is motorised blinds. These can be remote controlled or operated with timers to open and close on queue. In the home office, if you need to control the lighting while working, this can be an easy way to block out the glare, without leaving your screen.

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