Advantages of pleated blinds

pleated blinds

Blinds are an effective, practical and stylish option for homes, residential and commercial properties. There are a wide range of blind styles and types to choose from, including vertical blinds and roller blinds to roman blinds and venetians. But what are pleated blinds? And what are the benefits of these?

What are pleated blinds?

Pleated blinds use a fabric panel that is folded into pleats, similar to the accordion-style pleats on a concertina. These pleats allow the blind to be raised and lowered, and can also be adjusted to control the amount of light entering the room. 

What are the advantages of pleated blinds?

Pleated blinds have a unique and stylish design and this can bring a wide range of benefits and advantages. These advantages include:

  • Improving energy efficiency
  • High quality light control
  • Increased privacy 
  • Range of styles and designs

Pleated blinds can help to improve energy efficiency 

Choosing pleated blinds can be a great option for improving the energy efficiency in any space. This is because they make use of honeycomb pockets that can provide a highly effective insulating effect. With these honeycomb pockets, heat loss through the window glass in winter will be greatly reduced, as warm air will become trapped here instead of moving to the cold glass. At the same time, the room will also stay cooler and more comfortable in the summer months too, because the honeycomb pockets will trap the colder air, reducing the heating effect from the sun. This can help to save you money on your heating bill each winter, and can help to keep your home or property at a comfortable temperature all year round.

High quality lighting control

One of the most important practical factors to consider for any blind type is the lighting control this can offer. Pleated blinds offer High quality lighting control with a wide range of options available to help ensure the best results. Pleated blinds can be backed to create blackout blinds for bedrooms and spaces where darkness is needed, but these can also be white or light to allow sunlight to filter through each day. You can also choose a dimout option in between these two.

Pleated blinds can be fully opened or closed as well as partially opened or closed for effective lighting control that is easy to use. Even with white or light pleated blinds, any glare from the sun will be minimised for improved eye comfort too.

Pleated blinds and improved privacy 

With pleated blinds you can enjoy your privacy. Even when closed, pleated blinds that are white or cream can allow sunlight to filter through allowing you both privacy and natural light in the same space.

Style and design options

Finally, like many other blind types, pleated blinds are also available in a range of styles and designs, as well as colours. As a result, you can choose the most effective colour and style for your space to achieve the perfect results. Whether you want your blinds to blend in with the interior design, or to make a bold visual statement, pleated blinds have a versatile range of options to suit any intention.

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