Advantages of wooden venetian blinds

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a popular option for homes and commercial properties, and there are a range of material choices available when choosing this type of blind. However, wooden venetian blinds can be the most effective option,and bring the widest range of advantages and benefits to your property. So what are these advantages? Well, here at The Blinds Mart, we are Southport’s leading experts when it comes to blinds, and we provide a wide range of high quality, high value options, including wooden venetians. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the benefits of choosing wooden venetian blinds.

What are the advantages of wooden venetian blinds?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to choosing wooden venetian blinds instead of faux wood. These advantages include:

  • Improved durability
  • Aesthetic effect
  • Versatile appeal
  • Effective lighting control

Wooden venetian blinds offer increased durability

Wood is a material that has been used in home and shelter building for thousands of years and offers a number of natural advantages and benefits. Wood for example is an extremely good insulator which can help prevent heat loss from your property through the glass of the windows. Another of wood’s most practical properties is its increased durability. Wooden slats for your venetian blinds are strong and robust and this means that accidental damage is much less likely to be a problem with wooden venetian blinds. They are also highly unlikely to change shape over the years, and will not be bent out of shape accidentally either. This means that wooden venetian blinds can be counted on to look great in your home for years to come.

Wooden venetian blinds provide a stylish aesthetic effect

Wooden blinds have an aesthetic appeal that cannot be matched. These are available in a wide range of colours and styles to match your interior design and any other wooden furniture you may have, for a stylish visual effect throughout the home. At the same time, wood is a very warm and welcoming material that can give any room a softer visual touch, adding character and personality to the space. In fact, wooden venetian blinds have a timeless quality that will enhance your property for the future.

Wooden venetian blinds are easy to maintain

It is a common misconception that venetian blinds need a lot of maintenance to stay looking great. In fact, wooden venetian blinds are very easy to care for and all they need is a regular dusting to keep them in the best condition possible. If they do become stained, simply use a damp cloth to gently scrub at the stain until this is removed. In addition, because of the increased durability that wooden venetian blinds can offer, accidentally damaging these while cleaning is highly unlikely.

Wooden venetian blinds offer great lighting control

Another of the benefits associated with installing wooden venetian blinds is that these provide a high level of effective lighting control. Whether you want to reduce the glare on the TV or laptop screen, or you want to have a Sunday morning lie-in, wooden venetian blinds can allow you to achieve this with ease. 

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