Should you choose shutters or blinds?

Both shutters and blinds are popular options for homes, but how do these two compare? And should you choose shutters or blinds? Well, here at The Blinds Mart, we are Southport’s leading experts when it comes to blinds and shutters, and this is our guide to everything you should consider when comparing the two options.

So, should you choose shutters or blinds?

When deciding between shutters or blinds there are a number of different things to consider to make sure that you get the right results. These include:

  • Lighting control and privacy
  • Durability
  • Efficiency 
  • Aesthetics

Are shutters or blinds better for lighting control?

When thinking about the amount of light that the blinds or shutters will allow into your room it’s important to consider the purpose of the space and your requirements. For example, for a bedroom, it’s important that your blinds or shutters block out as much light as possible, to improve the quality of your sleep. However, for rooms like kitchens and studies, lots of natural light can be beneficial, especially if the amount of light can be adjusted. So are shutters or blinds the better option? Well, blinds tend to be either opened or closed, although angled blinds do allow for improved control over the lighting or privacy. Shutters on the other hand can allow you to have more privacy, while still providing plenty of light, and offer a range of control options to limit or increase the natural light in the home.

Which is more durable, shutters or blinds?

Durability and longevity are important factors to consider when choosing between shutters and blinds. In general, blinds are more likely to be damaged than shutters because shutters are designed to last a long time, and are fixed in place. This means that accidental damage is less likely. In addition, blinds tend to be made of fabric which can be more difficult to clean, and the chains or cords used for blinds can easily be damaged or broken.

Are shutters more efficient than blinds?

Efficiency is an important topic, especially in light of the cost of living crisis. Installing shutters can help to improve the energy efficiency of your property as these are custom fit to your space and measurements, which means there are no gaps for heat to travel through, or for cold air to squeeze in! Real wooden shutters can be the most effective option as wood is a highly effective insulating material. 

However, thermal blinds can be just as effective at insulating your home. These are designed for maximum thermal efficiency, reducing heat loss from the windows.

Choosing shutters or blinds for aesthetic purposes

When deciding on new shutters or blinds you will also need to factor in the aesthetic and visual effect of these. When it comes to blinds,there is a wide array of options available in all colours and styles to suit any interior design scheme. Shutters are also suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes, depending on style and design. As a result, this is really a question of taste.

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