Choosing blinds for a bay window

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Choosing blinds for a bay window can allow you to create a stylish window feature that complements the rest of your interior design. But what are the most effective options?

What are the effective options when choosing blinds for a bay window?

A bay window can be a great focal point for any room and choosing he right blinds here can make a big difference to the style and overall design of the space. There are a number of different styles and types of blinds to choose from that can be perfect for your bay window. These include:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Vertical blinds

Choosing Venetian blinds for your bay window

Venetian blinds add a stylish as well as a practical touch to your interior design. These are blinds that use thin, horizontal slats to cover the window and as such can be slanted to open, allowing in plenty of natural light, without compromising too much of your privacy. These can of course be closed too, blocking out most of the light although some may still squeeze in around the edges of the frame. These blinds can also be fully opened by using the cord to raise the blinds to the top of the window frame.

One of the biggest considerations when choosing Venetian blinds is the material type. These popular blinds are available in a range of different materials including wood, aluminum and plastics. While plastic Venetian blinds bring a range of colour options, as well as UV protection, they can be much easier to break than wood or aluminium options. Aluminium options can be very stylish in any property, particularly one with a contemporary or modern interior design, while wooden Venetian blinds are perfect for rustic, country, traditional and even contemporary spaces.

Choosing Roman blinds for your bay window

Roman blinds are a popular and stylish option for both contemporary and traditional living rooms, and can be perfect for both bay windows, and box bay windows too. This is because the material hides the mechanical parts of the blind, so only the fabric print you have selected can be seen, maximising style. These are a range of different types of Roman blind to choose from and these all differ on the type of fold that they use. Unlike roller blinds that roll up to open, Roman blinds are folded, and this gives them a distinctive appearance. Choosing the right design to complement your interior design can create a bay window focal point that will really emphasise the style of your space.

Choosing roller blinds for your bay window

Roller blinds are another popular choice for bay windows although these are restrictive in terms of lighting levels. Roller blinds are either rolled open, or rolled down to close, and there is no real in between, unlike with Venetian or vertical blinds. However, these are available in a wide range of stylish and attractive colours and designs to suit your home and the design style you have chosen. They can also be backed for increased thermal efficiency, or be black out blinds to keep out light completely. These are highly effective for bedrooms with bay windows.

Choosing vertical blinds for your bay window

Finally, vertical blinds can be another popular option for any bay window. These use vertical strips of fabric with beads along the bottom to allow the strips to be angled to let in light, or closed to keep it out. These can often be opened completely too, drawing the blinds to one side of the window frame. Like venetian blinds this allows for light to enter the home, while maintaining some privacy too.

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