Choosing the right bathroom blinds

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The right binds for your bathroom don’t just need to be stylish and well designed, they also need to have a high level of functionality too. So what should you consider when choosing the blinds for your bathroom space?

What are the important considerations for choosing the right bathroom blinds?

When selecting blinds for your bathroom there are a number of factors you should consider. These include:

  • Moisture resistant or waterproof blinds
  • Privacy
  • Light control
  • Style and type of blind

Choosing between moisture resistant or waterproof blinds

The level of waterproofing and moisture resistance you need for your bathroom blinds should be the number one consideration when you are purchasing new bathroom blinds. This is because the right type of fabric capable of handling the conditions in your bathroom will ensure that your blinds are long lasting and maintain a high visual standard. For bathrooms with the window in close proximity to the shower or the sink, it can be a good option to choose fully waterproof blinds, as these are likely to get wet at some point. For other bathrooms with more space between the window and the shower or sink, moisture resistant blinds can be all that is required, and very effective.

Selecting the right bathroom blinds for privacy

Privacy is a top concern for bathrooms for obvious reasons, and that’s why so many bathroom windows have frosted glass. There are however different levels of frosted glass, and you will need to choose blinds that can offer increased privacy. Blackout blinds can be a good choice for maximising privacy, but even standard roller blinds are a good choice. Venetians can be effective for highly frosted bathroom windows, as these will increase the privacy level, while offering an increased amount of light control.

Choosing the right bathroom blinds for light control

Allowing natural light into the bathroom can be an important part of personal hygiene, grooming,  and self care but this can come at a risk to your privacy. Choosing the right bathroom blinds that will allow you to control the angle to let light in, without compromising your privacy is an important consideration. Vertical blinds or venetian blinds can offer the most flexible lighting control for your bathroom window.

Choosing the style and type of blind

Finally, you will need to choose bathroom blinds that complement the interior design and the style and theme of your bathroom space. There are a wide range of blind styles, colours and patterns to choose from, as well as a number of different types of blind for your bathroom space. Some of the most popular types of blind for the bathroom include:

  • Roller blinds- these can be easy to fit with any bathroom, of any style, available in a range of colours with different designs. They cover the whole of the window when you need privacy and the height of the blind can be adjusted for light control.
  • Vertical blinds- with rotating slats these are more commonly used in the living room or kitchen but vertical blinds that are moisture resistant can be a good option for the bathroom too. These give you more privacy, even when the blinds are open, and the angle can be adjusted to meet your requirements.
  • Venetian blinds- venetian blinds that are moisture resistant or fully waterproof can be a good option for any bathroom, modern or traditional. Like vertical blinds these offer an increased amount of light control, as well as full privacy.

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