Important considerations when choosing Roman blinds

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Roman blinds are a popular option for all style of homes, but what are the important considerations when choosing Roman blinds? And how can you make sure that your Roman blinds achieve the perfect visual result?

What are the important considerations when choosing Roman blinds?

Roman blinds are an incredibly stylish and effective blind option for windows in any space, on any style of property. These are blinds that fold up and down to open and close, in a similar way that roller blinds are rolled up and down. However, with Roman blinds the fabric folds together near the top of the window when fully open and can add a visual feature to your space. At the same time, Roman blinds can be incredibly practical, with a range of design options to help add functionality and practicality to your space.

To make sure that your Roman blinds create the perfect visual result you should consider a number of important considerations. These include:

  • Choosing the right style of roman blind
  • Choosing the right fabric pattern, print, or colour option
  • Choosing the most practical design

What are the different styles of roman blind?

When choosing Roman blinds there are a range of different styles to choose from. These include:

  •  A hobbled fold- this is quite traditional in style and consists of loops of fabric all the way down the blind.
  •  A flat fold- this is a contemporary style made with one complete piece of fabric. This is a great style for creating patterns.
  • A relaxed roman blind- this does not use horizontal dowel rods for the folding like other roman blinds do. Instead this type of roman blind is raised through cords running vertically down either side, and as a result, instead of a hard line horizontal finish, the bottom of the blind drapes soft and loosely.

How can you choose the right fabric for your roman blinds?

One of the most important visual design considerations for your Roman blinds is the type of fabric you opt for. Roman blinds make a stunning visual feature in any room and designs can be chosen to complement any interior design theme. These can include industrial, rustic, contemporary and traditional. For contemporary spaces you should consider a flat fold roman blind in a solid colour, or one with a geometric pattern that will complement your space. For a more traditional property or interior design style, a floral themed pattern can be highly effective along with a hobbled fold.

What are the practical considerations for roman blinds?

The practicality of your Roman blinds is an essential factor to consider and this practicality can have a knock on impact on the usefulness of your new blinds. There are a number of different options available to ensure that your roman blinds will be a practical fit for your space. These include:

  • Using blackout fabric- when blackout blinds are considered most people think of roller blinds. But roman blinds can be backed with blackout fabric to ensure that when you close the blinds no natural light enters the space. This is perfect for bedrooms to help you get a good night sleep.
  • Choosing thermal backed roman blinds- roman blinds can also be backed with a thermally insulating material which can help to retain heat and keep the inside of your home warmer.

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