Effective blind options for conservatories

Neutral colour options for contemporary blinds

A conservatory can be a fantastic addition to any home. This space will be filled with natural light and can make a fantastic small lounge or relaxing space, as well as a potential indoor plant space. However, with all the glass in a conservatory, many homeowners often look for blinds or curtains to be used when needed. But what are the most effective blind options for conservatories? And how can you choose the right option for your space?

What are the most effective blind options for conservatories?

There are a number of effective blind options when it comes to conservatories, and these include:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Pleated blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Roman blinds 

Venetian blind options for conservatories

As one of the most classic blind options, Venetian blinds are renowned for their timeless charm and versatility. Whether you have a contemporary conservatory space or you want to create something more traditional, Venetian blinds will be a complementary option. These are made using horizontal slats, which allows for precise lighting control and provides a high level of privacy. In the conservatory specifically, these blinds can redirect glare and also reduce heat build up, making your conservative space more comfortable all year round.

Roller blind options for conservatories

Roller blinds are made from a single piece of fabric that rolls down to potentially cover the whole window panel. This can help to keep light out of the conservatory when needed, and blackout fabric can even be selected to create a truly dark space when necessary. Roller blinds are available in a wide range of designs, colours and patterns so you can choose the option that will make the most visual difference to your conservatory space. Whether you want to create a contemporary conservatory space or you want to opt for something more traditional, roller blinds can be highly effective.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are renowned for their soft, elegant appearance and ability to fit neatly into small spaces. They are constructed from a pleated fabric that can be raised or lowered with ease. In conservatories specifically, pleated blinds provide an excellent balance between natural light diffusion and privacy, making them an attractive option for both functionality and style.

Vertical blinds

Another popular option for conservatories are vertical blinds. These are made from vertical slats that are easy to adjust with many different angle options, providing excellent light control and privacy. Because these hang vertically, vertical blinds can be highly effective for conservatories that are likely to have tall windows or sliding doors. 

Roman blinds

Another of the effective blind options for conservatories are Roman blinds. These have a sophisticated and luxurious appeal, which means that they can be highly effective for conservatory spaces. With fabric panels that fold neatly when raised, and lie flat when lowered, these have a distinctive style that can complement any conservatory. Roman blinds are also available in a wide range of fabric options, which means that you can choose the best option for the design and style of your conservatory. 

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