Effective blind options for patio doors

Patio doors are a popular option for many homes where they provide a striking visual feature opening onto the outdoor space and bringing the outdoors in. Choosing the right type of blinds for your patio doors though can be challenging, especially with so many options to choose from. So what are the most effective blind options for patio doors? And which option would best suit your home?

What are the most effective blind options for patio doors?

There are a number of different and effective options to choose from when it comes to choosing blinds for patio or french doors. These include:

  • Vertical blinds
  • Horizontal blinds 
  • Shutters 
  • Smart blinds

Vertical blind options for patio doors

One of the most popular blind options for patio doors is vertical blinds. These are blinds that have vertical slats, hanging from a track across the top of the window. These are often made from fabric material, but they are also available in vinyl and wood (or wood effect) so that you can choose the visual design that will best suit your interior design. For large window spaces like patio doors, vertical blinds can bring the perfect blend of practicality, functionality and visual design. That’s because vertical blinds provide highly effective privacy options, with the slats being easily adjustable to allow in natural light, while maintaining privacy. This can also help to reduce glare and even promote air flow in the summer months.

Horizontal blind options for patio doors

In addition to vertical blinds, horizontal blinds are another popular option. These use slats that run horizontally instead of vertically and can bring a myriad of benefits to your property. 

The horizontal slats, much like the vertical slats, can be adjusted and tilted to allow natural light into your home, without reducing the privacy you can enjoy. So whether you need to reduce glare, or keep out prying eyes, horizontal blinds can be a great choice.

Horizontal blinds bring visual benefits for your home, in addition to the practical benefits outlined above. These are available in a wide range of material choices including aluminium, wood and faux wood. This means that whether you need a contemporary option for your room, or you want to create a more traditional, timeless charm, horizontal blinds can be perfect for you and your requirements.


Shutters are another highly effective option for patio doors, and these bring a number of benefits and advantages. 

When you choose shutters you can count on excellent insulation, as these actually help to regulate indoor temperature by preventing heat loss through the glass of the patio door in winter, and reducing the amount of heat entering the property in the summer. As such, shutters can help to reduce your energy costs by improving the efficiency of your home. 

In addition to helping to keep your home insulated, shutters also have the advantage of improving the visual appeal and aesthetic of your home. These are renowned for stylish and elegant design, and can be just as effective in a contemporary property as a traditional one. The distinctive style of shutters can enhance any home.

Smart blinds for patio doors

In addition to the type of blind, it’s essential to consider the operating mechanism when choosing blinds for patio doors. While manual operation is standard, smart blinds offer added convenience and functionality, allowing you to control your blinds with the touch of a button or through smartphone apps. Smart blinds are particularly beneficial for people with mobility issues, or people that travel a lot. 

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